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At Atlantic Trading Company Limited we’ve created an innovative, reliable platform designed specifically for retailers and suppliers who need help putting high-quality products directly into the hands of potential customers.

Through our sophisticated and sustainable network of partnerships, dedicated staff, and our unrelenting effort to support the local Caribbean community, we’ve made it easier than ever before for businesses and people everywhere to find, compare and shop for all the name brands that love.

We are currently the marquee distributor for a wide variety of well-known products, including SATCO Lighting, DISNEY, MARVEL & LUCASFILM Consumer products, Rita Beverages, Nuby Baby products, PowerHouse cleaning, Perfect Purity and Personal Care items, and so much more. When you need a distribution team that can help you reach sustainable success while improving your ability to target customers’ needs, choose Atlantic Trading Company Limited.

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As a private, family-owned business we strive to sustain two major aspects within our business: offer both small businesses and major corporations the ability to distribute their products no matter their size, and to ensure every client receives the same level of respect, dedication and attentiveness they deserve.

Managed by a team of more than 50 dedicated staff members and a highly-focused Board of Directors, we’re all trained and experienced in matching superior customer service with real distribution services that match your businesses specific needs. From prompt delivery times to an on-site, pioneering marketing and advertising team, we have the ability to provide you with advanced business intelligence so you can make the right moves for your short- and long-term growth.

When you want to be more than a face in the crowd and you need help gaining a strategic position over competitors, staying ahead of market trends, and reaching customers more easily, ATCO’s position as one of the top distribution companies on the island can ensure you reach each new plateau as you progress.  


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The #1 Energy Efficient Light Bulb Brand in the country. Conceptualised by KERRY Mohammed Consulting #satcott #tnt #energyefficientlighting

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LATE POST! The winners of our Marry Me Trivia Tuesday promotion came to collect their prizes! Thank you again to our sponsor SATCO Lighting Products of Atlantic Trading Co. Ltd. for these hampers! QUESTION: What does the acronym PCMWLL stand for? ANSWER: Psycho Child Mother Who Lacking LoLo Look for for the announcement of who won of final trivia prizes soon!

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Be like Aunty Janice demand the best (Satco Lighting) and forget the rest ...

Fun Fact : Satco was ranked no. 1 in good housekeeping magazine's light bulb survey when compared to 26 other competing brands.

🔈2 years warranty light up your life.

MARRY ME | EPISODE 12 | EXPLAIN A special "Thank You" to ALL of our sponsors for the entire season of Marry Me Season 4, as well as to Mr. Andrew Lewis, who aided us in making the finale as effective as it was! Thank you once again to my fans for your undying support!!! WHO SAY SEASON 5?!?! AH LOVE ALYUH, Ro'dey

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